XClaim Med Service is delivered by the Server Farm in Genoa (Italy), designed and made following technological and qualitative standards pointing to guarantee the top security of infrastructures and Service continuity.

To achieve these results, drastically reducing the risk of Service interruption, the frame systems of Xtranet Data Center is fully redundant and constantly monitored, for a prompt reaction to any anomaly.
The Server Farm is protected with a sophisticated system of physical and logical security, able to detect and promptly avoid any intrusion attempt.
The connectivity guaranteed by the node transit of all the major domestic and european voice carriers, makes the Xtranet de facto independent of the fate of a single operator.

Maximum physical security

  • Intrusion detection system
  • 24x7x365 armed security
  • Video surveillance closed circuit with shots' digital storage
  • Fire, smoke and flood detection systems

Services and web applications high availability

  • HA Firewalls, in a pair mutual failover used
  • DDoS Mitigation service, for protection against unwanted traffic
  • Intrusion Detection tools, placed in the network's key points

Maximum continuity guarantee of power and air conditioning

Power supply is one of the main elements of the infrastructure of every self-respecting Data Center.
To have the best guarantees on power continuity, and air treatment plant, in addition to the main supply, our Data Center is equipped with:
  • Diesel backup generators with activation time of < 10sec
  • 100% redundant main transformers
  • 100% redundant UPS
  • Dual power racks with short circuit interruption at the first upline switch
  • Chiller plant able to maintain a delta(t)< 1°C
  • Forced air conditioning with heat extractor from on high of every rack cabinet
  • 100% redundant air conditioning plant

High reliability connection and scalable bandwidth availability

The Data Center that houses Xtranet Servers is one of the 15 Server Farm directly fiber connected to the e-via national 12.500 Km backbone. For this reasons XClaim Service benefits from an excellent usability de facto allowing an high performances private networks achievement with your remote company offices. Available band for data transmission is far and away superior to the average total use of the whole NOC In a few minutes, Xtranet can increase the operative margins of safety in case of traffic peaks by enlarging the needed bandwidth to maintain and guarantee, to the hosts, the performance standards to which they are accustomed.
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